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TV & Film Fashion Runways

Although New York City and Paris are still the most famous fashion capitals and trend-setters for the fashion world, the typical guy and gal walking the everyday "runways" of America look to a different group of fashion "models." The average consumer will most likely never see the incredible runway shows of New York City or Paris, but the statistics of the TV, Film and Concert goers is a resounding "cha-ching" to the fashion industry.
The stars of TV, Film and Music genres are making fashion statements and influencing sales across the nation. Let us start by talking about the six-year sexy fashion series turned big-screen blockbuster movie, Sex in the City - with its loyal fans flocking to see the movie hoping to get a glimpse at the gorgeous clothes and high-end designer shoes that have been one of its biggest draws. For Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha have caused many women to rethink their fashion choices and be more daring in their day-to-day wardrobes.
Or, the fashion gossip surrounding the second season of the new kid on the block hit TV series Gossip Girl. With Serena's free spirited sweet personality depicted in her colorful, flowing vintage style clothes vs. Blair's scheming and falsely sweet personality depicted in her tights and headband modesty; which only goes to show you that you can not judge a person's character by their fashion choice. Needless to say these girl's fashion choices have sent the teens of America flocking to the stores for the same popularity.
Less we forget the famed impact of Miley Cyrus and the fan base that she has created, which turns into young girls wanting to look and dress like Hannah Montana. The overwhelming number of Hannah Montana look-a-likes at parties across the nation this year and last would be noteworthy. From her glittery tops and jackets to her jeans and boots - this pre-teen phenomenon is transforming the fashion industry for the under fourteen crowd.
With the Hannah Montana music idol pre-teens - soon to become the Gossip Girl TV watching teens starting to earn the money to spend from their first jobs - to the Sex in the City grown up girls of tomorrow's high earnings consumer base - put them all together and they translate into a rush to the cash registers and a rise in sales for the fashion industry.

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