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Popular Wedding Colors

Is your wedding set on this radiant year? If yes, then you must know that 2011 is all about bright colors! Yes, this year, popular wedding colors are pointing toward vivid colors-tropical colors that connote fun and extravagance. You do not need to worry if you prefer cold over warm colors,though our palette covers a wide range that will surely give you a nice variety of choices.

There is actually quite a long list of the popular wedding colors for this year. Nevertheless, here are the shades you will probably find most suitable for your big day!

Trendy and Popular Wedding Colors for 2011

This year, red, mauve, coral, and even hot pink are in this season. Red is a wedding color that naturally exudes elegance and makes for a seductive overall look. There is no doubt why it has become and actually remains a popular wedding color for this year.

Shades of red such as mauve and burgundy are colors noted for grabbing attention, so if you want to leave a huge impact on your guests, then this is the color to go for. Add a red ribbon or red wedding shoes to your wedding day outfit and make your dress pop. Wedding dresses that accent your curves will also add depth to this color and make your wedding day a most memorable one.

Yellows and oranges are trailing behind reds for the most sought-after colors this year. A color that shows warmth and happiness, yellow is a great color for brides who want to feel young and refreshed on their big day.

Trendy and Popular Wedding Colors for 2011

Yellows and shades of orange commonly symbolize hope and, therefore, are a great theme for new and young couples today. Yellow is actually a very popular wedding color as it radiates a vibrant aura that can't be easily seen in other colors. Match yellow with a light green, a warm purple or even a pretty beige or ivory for your wedding colors.

Earth Tones
Brown, russet, and other shades of brown are beautiful wedding colors that will bring out your natural elegance. A neutral tone that symbolizes a down-to-earth outlook, this color is a great choice for brides who wish to remain simple yet gorgeous on their grand day.

Brown colors for weddings have not been very popular, but they are actually a good choice for when you want to subtly stand out from the crowd. Of course, the style of your wedding must still be considered. Nevertheless, brown colors will make you an elegant goddess on your wedding. Match brown with lighter shades such as pink or green.

Trendy and Popular Wedding Colors for 2011

Green is a beautiful wedding color that symbolizes vitality. It is a color that connotes growth and health. We can safely say that it is a color that shows devotion and anticipation of a new life with your loved one.
Basically any shade of green will be a great choice for your wedding day, but emerald and peapod green are specifically the most appropriate to use. Emerald green especially looks great on bridesmaids dresses while a lighter green complements many other pinks and reds.

Blue has always been one of the most popular wedding colors, thanks to its association with serenity and peace. A beautiful wedding color that can match any bride's personality, shades of blue are universal colors you can use in various ways whether for blue wedding shoes or a blue sapphire necklace around your neck. Regardless if your wedding theme is conservative or modern, you can never go wrong with blue, especially this year's trendy navy blue and regatta.

Trendy and Popular Wedding Colors for 2011

Picking the best color for your wedding day can be very challenging. While a lot of people go for a safe white color, choosing bold colors like red and yellow can be a good sign of a positive spirit and prosperity. A wedding is a big event that will only happen once, so it's best to take your time choosing the best color for your theme. Pick one of the popular wedding colors for 2011 and make your wedding a beautiful day every one of your guests and, especially, you and your spouse-to-be, will remember!