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Bowl Cut

Standard Bowl cut hair to make the undercut. To plow away around the head is bowl upside  like the name of it. You will leave the hair is Drop like a cup or set a comb up to is as  an aptitude.

Bowl cut is a classic hairstyle that one. People popular cut this hair since year 1920. Before hairstyle was famous as an extreme in the era of The Beatles. Very popular in the 60's until the many young people cut hairstyle. Not only this year's 1980 bowl cut hair has become very influential in the field of fashion. But began to be modified. Features with Add gradient. Or make the bob side  or will modification is hairstyle short alley. While some people secretly sour by cutting them too short bangs than ever before. For hair that is currently popular among men and women. It looks good in every situation. Should be left to the a formal or set to handsome is looks good. If young people want to cut bowl hairstyle. How to just exploring face of themselves wide, long, oval. And then try to talk to your hairdresser that, face like this. Should cut  bowl cut by remainder hair the back and in front how long. Because of the length of the hair. The bowl cut is one of the variables with the faces of the girls at a certain level.