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Fringe Scarf

Lets start Cutting :D
I just saw my you tube subscription update the other day from one of my fav. DIY gurus , and i loved how she make that fringe scarf so easily and beautiful , She is indeed very much creative , and very pretty :)
I was gonna try making that scarf , so i thought why not blog about it . 

Material you'll need : 
1 XL or XXL size t-shirt (Preferably Seamless and the largest size)
And ya that's all :D 

So out of some funny reasons i am hiding the logo , although the tshirt i got was for free from somewhere , and its just a plain white tshirt , u can use any color to your liking , i din't had any other color so i went with white and i would recommend buying the largest size you can get , Xl or XXl , I don't know whether mine is Xl or Xxl or w/e as the size was not mentioned . 
Also if you can , than get the one with no seams on the sides . Luckily mine was seamless and i din't knew until i took it out . 

So lets get started .......

Place your t-shirt flat on the floor/table/ or any flat surface , unlike mine :D . And what you need to do is cut a straight line right under the arms , don't worry it doesn't have to look perfect as we are gonna make fringes out of it . 

You would have something like that ^ .
We just need the lower section of the t-shirt , you can save the rest for later use , i never throw scrap fabrics , they might be of some use to me later on . 

That's all you need . Now horizontally divide this piece of cloth into 3 equal sections well not equal , but try making the middle section a little bigger , which i din't , which will look way better , you can see the guidlines in the picture below . 
Let's start cutting now . 

Now you're gonna start making the fringes , start with the lower section of course (you can cut the lower seam if you like , but it's OK if you leave it like that ), cut straight lines to the point you marked (which is the 1/3rd section) and yea you have to cut both the front and the back of the shirt , you can start cutting fringes in the middle like i did or from the corner , as you like . 

You would have something like the above picture . You don't have to be all perfect or anything , make it simple . 

Do the same with the upper section ( i.e.section 1 ) , make sure your middle section is bigger than the rest two . 

This is what you get at the end .  Now what you gonna do is pull out those fringes to make it look better and clean , more like fringes :D . 

Put your left hand on the middle section so the cloth doesn't slip or anything , then with the other hand pull the fringes as shown in the photo above , make sure you don't pull too many fringes at once , take 2 to 3 fringes at a time . And when you're done with the 1st section , do the same with the 3rd section . 

This is the final look after you've pulled out all the fringes , its almost done . 
I'm sorry it was really hard to make the t-shirt at the same time and take photos to show you guys how its done all at once , and i could just use one hand , as other was holding the camera , so i tried alot to demonstrate what i am exactly doing , and i would explain every single thing , so please if you have any queries ask me down below in the comment section . 

Now , we need to pull the scarf , just stretch it out . As in the photo above , open up the t-shirt , and put each of your hands on the both ends inside , and pull it , stretch stretch stretch!! , and it'll look a lot better . You might get a better idea from the picture below .

This is after you have stretched the scarf out , now you probably know how to do it .

So this is our final look . I hope you like it , and i was able to make you understand , but still if you need help you can check out the video from where i got the inspiration , And in the video the t-shirt size is larger than mine that's why it looks bigger , or you can ask me in the comments below . Thanks , have a nice day....... :)

PS- I do not own this video, it's just for inspirational purpose . :) 

                                                                          x.o.x.o. FashionGossips :D